Mojuraa Transformer Linen Sofa Featured on Furniture Today

Mojuraa Transformer Linen Sofa Featured on Furniture Today


LOS ANGELES — Mojuraa, a direct-to-consumer modular furniture design company, has introduced its Transformer collection, providing the flexibility of numerous configurations.

“At Mojuraa, we share the same values in our approach to the ‘art-of-making,’ referred to as ‘monozukuri’ in the Japanese philosophy of craftsmanship,” said Andrew Chan, Mojuraa chief designer. “We engineer a people-first modular design around our customer’s experience reasonably, rather than a warehouse pallet or shipping container extremely.”

Offering free shipping on every order, Mojuraa’s furniture arrives in easy-to-move boxes intentionally designed to effectively maneuver through tight spaces and put together with simple partial assembly. The company ships directly to consumers from its manufacturing facility and has a warehouse in Los Angeles.

“We use durable materials such as substantial wood frames, luxury wax leather and reclaimed fibers,” Chan said. “As a forward-looking furniture brand, we aim to design the most eco-friendly sofas. We attach great importance to using recycled materials in our products and packaging to minimize waste and maximize environmental impact.”

Mojuraa says quality is a core value, offering a limited three-year warranty. Utilizing stain-resistant materials, Mojuraa furniture can withstand water, coffee, pet urine, ketchup and red wine. 

Featured on Furniture Today

Vicky Jarrett//Managing Editor//March 8, 2023

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