Which Leather Shows the Best Patina?

Which Leather Shows the Best Patina?

What is Leather Patina?

Leather is strong and also durable. But most importantly, like a fine wine, leather ages beautifully. What makes leather so beautiful? The answer is simple: leather patina. 
Leather patina is the character and sheen that develops slowly on the surface of leather goods through time, regular use, and exposure to natural forces. 
The great thing about leather patinas is that each one is unique. Each piece of premium leather tells its own story because it is a product of its own environment.


How Does Leather Patina Develop?

One of the hallmarks of premium leather is that it ages beautifully forming a natural patina. As your high-quality leather ages, you will see gradual changes such as more depth to the color, increased
suppleness and a light sheen.
Each variable that leather comes into contact with gradually alters its appearance. Here are the main variables:
Heat exposure
UV rays exposure
Oils and dirt from human skin
Any type of moisture or rain
Denim or fabric dye from clothing
Everyday wear and tear (scratches and blemishes)

Best Patina Leather Types

Patinas only develop on very high-quality leathers that have been naturally processed/tanned. Full grain leathers are the highest-quality leather materials. They will produce amazing patina over time, and they're the most durable leathers out there.
That is because it uses the uppermost layer of an animal’s skin. Imperfections in the skin such as scars, wrinkles or bites are never taken away or evened out. Because the skin is left intact it allows the leather to “breathe” which means it will absorb the oils in the atmosphere and from people it comes into contact with. This is crucial to the development of a patina.


Why Do People Like Leather Patina?

The darker the patina, the richer the story.
Patina is the value that age puts on an object.
Leather patina signifies heirloom quality.

Leather naturally ages to give off a subtle, natural patina. The addition of dirt, body oils, sunlight, and wear and tear are absorbed into the leather. Over time, this makes the leather its own old-fashioned charm.
A leather patina does not negatively impact the durability of a leather product. In fact, it will actually expand the overall lifespan of a product. It looks great, improves quality, and adds unique touch feeling to your product's overall visual appeal and feel.

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