Caring for Environment

As a forward-looking furniture brand, we aim to design the most eco-friendly sofas. We attach great importance to using recycled materials in our products and packaging to minimize waste and maximize environmental impact. Each sofa is made by skilled craftsmen with years of experience, in the same factory as some of the top quality furniture brands. You can rest assured that you are getting top quality at an affordable price.

Bottles Recycled Fibers

Creating cushion filling fibers that would soft, durable, and match the level of quality we saw on the market was a non-negotiable, and we wanted Mojuraa to be able to deliver not just a sustainable product, but an incredible one. Made from 100% recycled materials, we give trash a second chance and turn it into something you’ll treasure.

Our Own BSCI-Certified Manufacturer

Created by the Foreign Trade Association the Business Social Compliance Initiative was created to ensure work place conditions are met in regards to human right law.

FSC-Certified Wood Frame

Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization that promotes responsible forestry practices, has established a certification system that verifies that wood products come from well-managed forests that meet strict environmental and social standards. FSC-certified furniture is made using wood that has been certified by the FSC as being sustainably harvested and processed. By choosing FSC-certified furniture, you can be confident that you are supporting environmentally and socially responsible forestry practices.

Eco-friendly Furniture

Ordering Mojuraa Sofa is a small choice with a big impact that supports sustainable efforts for a cleaner world, without sacrificing comfort or style.