Flex Loft Modular Sofa

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Size: 90"
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Tired of crowded couches and not enough room for the whole family to relax together? Our Flex Loft modular sofa solves all your problems.

The Flex Loft's versatile design adapts to your family's needs. The expansive sectional shape provides ample seating so no one gets left out. Transform it into a cozy bed for sleepovers or movie nights. The plush corduroy upholstery is soft yet durable, standing up to daily use and retaining its inviting texture.

Gather the whole family on the Flex Loft's sink-in cushions. Finally, the perfect spot for kids to curl up with books, do homework, or just daydream in pillowy comfort. No more fighting over couch space!

Bring everyone together in one place with the Flex Loft - the adaptable, family-friendly centerpiece your home has been missing.


Overal: 123"L x 45"D x 26"H
Seat Depth: 31.5"
Seat Height: 16.5"
Armrest Width: 12''
Leg Height: 2"

Product Details

Custom Configurations

Different modular components allows to be combined and arranged in various configurations, creating a versatile and adaptable system. Easy to assemble, disassemble, or reconfigure to suit different needs and preferences.

Spacious Seat Depth

Sprawl out and get cozy thanks to the generously scaled seat depth that invites lingering. It effectively relieves pressure on your spine and lessens any discomfort from sitting for long periods.

Modular Sofa Connector

With its innovative buckle connectors, this modular sofa makes reconfiguring your layout smooth and simple. Just release the sturdy buckles and rearrange pieces effortlessly.

Fluffy Down Pillow

Meticulously selected goose feathers and stuffed cotton is light weight and soft, providing comfortable support for back and neck.

Upholstery Material

Corduroy fabric is known for its soft and velvety feel, making it comfortable against the skin. It is a strong and durable fabric that passed 50,000 Martindale cycles abrasion test.

Seat Construction

High-density sponge is known for its firmness, providing excellent support and maintaining its shape even with prolonged use. It has good bounce-back, quickly returning to its original shape after being compressed.

Plush Pillow Armrest

Our sofa's wide and plush armrests are not only incredibly comfortable but also versatile. They provide the perfect spot to rest your arms while watching TV or reading a book. And when you need a cozy pillow for a quick nap, these soft armrests can transform into a comfortable cushion for your head.

About Color Difference

We work very hard to ensure our products matching the pictures. Minor color difference is inevitable because: Camera equipment has Chromatic Aberration; Different monitors display different colors; Products are from different production batches; Colors look different on different people.

Our Approach

“At Mojuraa, we share the same values in our approach to the "art-of-making", referred to as “monozukuri" (ものづくり) in the Japanese philosophy of craftsmanship. We engineer a modular design around our customer's experience reasonably, rather than a warehouse pallet or shipping container extremely.”

Andrew Chan,
Chief Designer

Andrew Chan,
Chief Designer